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Concerns over Sales Tax

Sales Tax has been decreasing in Bottineau County and there are many questions over what the underlying reason is. Who is to blame? The large percentage of the blame lays with us, the shoppers. Instead of thinking about what we can buy within our community we make that purchase in another town or push ‘Buy Now’ on our online cart. We forget that every purchase outside of our County/City and every online purchase comes with hidden costs to our community. The local brick and mortar store, even if it is not locally owned, hires local employees…..your neighbor, your son, your daughter, etc. Your online or out of town purchase could cost your neighbor their job and it takes money away from our community in the form of lost sales tax. Those tax dollars go towards our local community and whenever you don’t make a purchase here, you take that money out of local circulation. When purchases are made at a local business that dollar gets recirculated. Recirculation is where tax payers see the greatest impact. Each time it is spent, it reduces our tax burden.

*We recognize that there are just some things you may not be able to purchase locally. So, think of the items you can get locally. Are you purchasing those items out of town because you’re already there? Before making an online purchase or picking the item up while you’re out of town, ask yourself, Can I get that at home? Vision West ND

Buy Local Campaigns can be very effective when it changes the culture and spending habits of the area. Our first thoughts when making our shopping lists should be, can I buy this in Bottineau County?

We all want the same thing for our area - A vibrant community with a strong economy. Let’s embed Buy Local into our DNA and change our culture.




Bottineau Area Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who is devoted to making a difference in the community.  Now in existence for over 8 years, BACF continues to strive to expand its programs and offerings to the community. We hope that you will be able to take part in one or more of the many exciting events or projects that we are offering this year and experience firsthand the pride we take in supporting our cause.


In addition to administrating scholarships and managing funds for specific projects, BACF will start to provide grant opportunities for our community.  In 2018, we will be launching our BACF Grant program.  We fund based off 4 elements that support a vibrant community:

  1. Provides broad access to arts and culture.
  2. Ensures a vibrant and diversified economy.
  3. Creates quality education and learning opportunities for all ages.
  4. Promotes Recreation.

**All applications that are requesting the BACF to participate in a grant that fulfills a Community Match requirement will be reviewed by Bottineau County EDC.


Grant Applications for all funds are due to Bottineau Area Community Foundation @ 519 Main St, Bottineau, ND 58318 by 5:00 p.m. on June 1st.  Please contact Whitney Gonitzke at 701-228-3922 for a full application and grant guidelines. 


The BACF is Local People and Local Donations coming together to meet Local Needs and solve Local Problems. 


*If you have an interest is starting a scholarship fund for our area or a project for the BACF to get involved in, reach out to our office at 701-228-3922.




From 2013 to 2017, the Bottineau County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) has led or participated in multiple strategic planning initiatives. For example, World Café in 2014, Smart Growth America in 2016, St Andrew’s CHNA study occurs every few years and the I-Crowd was launched in 2017. The results from each of these brainstorming and planning meetings overlap.

In an effort to address the items that continue to appear in our needs assessments, the Bottineau County 2020 roll up has been developed to lead the EDC, Chamber and I-Crowd in their efforts to drive the community forward and provide a master document for tracking the many projects happening simultaneously. Leveraging comprehensive research and public input from community members, the Bottineau County 2020 strategic vision plan identified five strategies focused on key elements of Bottineau County’s competitive position, future opportunities, and top challenges.

Each strategic plan has been created with the idea that our area has wanted to improve the quality of life for current residents and also attract and retain young families. As this has been our focus for many years, we are perfectly aligned with the Main Street Initiative launched by Governor Burgum. Governor Burgum stated, “It takes safe, healthy cities with vibrant, walkable main streets and downtowns to attract and retain a skilled workforce.”


Our focus in the coming months will be to address the five strategies identified in the Bottineau County 2020 plan.

  1. Design and Implement an Enhanced Economic Development Marketing Program
  2. Make Bottineau County a More Competitive Recreation and Cultural Destination for Residents and Visitors
  3. Improve Bottineau County’s Aesthetics through Strategic Community Beautification and Gateway Efforts
  4. Create a strategic plan for the future of our current community arena and/or continue research project on the construction of a new arena.
  5. Advance Local Education and Workforce Development Pipelines in Bottineau County


Watch this space for updates on each of these 5 points. You will be hearing more about how you can be involved, or come visit with me to see what you can do!



A year ago, I accepted the position of Director of Bottineau County Economic Development Corporation and moved my family here from Billings, Montana. This fulfilled a dream to someday live in the beautiful area where my husband grew up and where we had spent many pleasant family vacations.


During this first year, I have had the opportunity to learn more about the area, the businesses and activities available or not, seeing firsthand the ups and downs of life on our Main Streets. I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to delve into studies and forums giving potential assistance to solving local problems. Your input at gatherings such as I-Crowd and others give me insight and energizes me for future endeavors to enrich this already exceptional part of the great state of North Dakota.


Specific areas this office is currently focused on, some in partnership with Chamber of Commerce:

  • Business Retention
  • I-Crowd Meetings
  • Place Branding
  • Child Care Research


Ideas gathered this past year have converged to give direction for the future of Bottineau County, labeled Bottineau County 2020. Bottineau County 2020 has the potential to bring Bottineau County into new territory of livability and development. You will be hearing more about how you can be involved. Or come visit with me to see what you can do! Watch this space to see frequent updates from the Chamber and EDC as we work together as a community to build, strengthen and diversify our county.


Whitney Gonitzke

Fall 2017 Newsletter

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