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Member Resources/Library

Member Resources/Library

Books and Physical Items are available on a check out basis.  All others are online resources.



Walkable City Rules  -  By: Jeff Speck

Rural Communities  -  By: Flora, Flora, Gasteyer

Crucial Conversations  -  By:  Patterson, Grenny, McMillian, Switzler

Economic Development and Transition  -  By: Justin Yifu Lin

The Elusive Quest for Growth - By:  Willam Easterly

Being at Home in the World  -  By:  Laetita Mizero Hellerud

The Secret  -  By: Blanchard, Miller

Once in the Middle of Nowhere  -  By:  Jack Olson

Tickle the Toes, Touch the Heart  -  By:  Chuck Mefford

Brands Formation  -  By: Chuck Mefford

Guerilla Marketing  -  By: Jay Conrad Levinson and Al Lautenslager



Aaron Renn Podcast :  Small Town Economic Development



Lanesboro Arts Case Study –watch the video
Forget Big-City Living: More Millennials Are Transforming Small-Town America
How Small Towns and Cities Can Use Local Assets to Rebuild Their Economies
Why Walkable Streets are More Economically Productive

10 reasons rural community development is hard to do

NRECA Article:  Rural Revitalization